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We came together to create Casely because we love the emerging phone case culture, but it's way too expensive & time consuming to find the perfect case. Our team decided to cut out the middle man and began working directly with the manufacturer to test various designs & case materials until we landed on the perfect product.

So why a new phone case every month? Your phone is something you carry around everyday…often its the first thing people notice about you since were so buried in our phones, mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feed or texting/emailing/playing Candy Crush…or whatever. A monthly case keeps your look fresh (…not to mention how gross a case can get when you take it with you everywhere, everyday…*errr…the bathroom* ew…okay we mentioned it).

With Casely, we take the chore out of covering your most precious accessory. Every month we will send you a highly durable, trendy new case curated according to your personal style preferences so you can switch it up and collect a range of unique cases.

As a Casely subscriber, your phone will become an extension of your personal style. No more dirty, tethered or forgettable cases…and certainly no more naked phones! Change it up monthly with Casely!   



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Casely inc. is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY



Casely inc. is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY  


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